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Retaining walls are a common necessity in many gardens & can be a significant factor when budgeting. They can be constructed

from numerous materials using many construction methods & have a big impact on the aesthetics of your landscape.

Urban Creativity have the knowledge & experience to guide you through appropriate options for your garden.

Our retaining walls survive the test of time.

If you require a retaining wall, simply Contact us or call us for more details.


We can provide a full Masonry Service, catering to commercial, domestic and residential sectors. We take pride in our ability

to specialise in residential custom natural stonework and bespoke builds. We work closely with our

client in order to provide the best stone work/masonry. Also, our stone is always handpicked

to guarantee its unique look and pattern to suit our client’s needs. 

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Urban Creativity are experts in all aspects of paving & Tiling. Whether it’s a pathway, driveway or entertaining area,

we can help. From design to paver selection & installation, our professional team ensure

a quality finished product is delivered each & every time.

Contact us today for a quote, or check out our latest projects.


Do you need extra space for entertaining or somewhere just to relax & unwind outside? We can help you design

& install quality decks & pergolas. We use only quality & sustainable materials

to ensure your new deck or pergola is built to last.

Contact us or call us for more details.


Water features have featured in gardens worldwide for centuries & come in all shapes & sizes. They are a source

of visual & audible depth to any garden & can bring a calming tranquillity. We believe water

features make a great focal point in the garden & our experience in design & installation

ensures a smooth process from consultation to completion.

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Urban Creativity offers a wide range of modern brick and block works for many applications like fences, retaining walls,

paving or simply as features, which can give your property security, style and a unique

character that adds to the value of your home while looking great.

Contact us or call us for more details.


Urban Creativity can provide you with a variety of privacy screens solutions. Our designs are modern and versatile,

made from quality materials. Available in a wide range of colours, our privacy screens

will make a fantastic addition to any home.

Contact us or call us to discuss your requirements.
Excavation is a necessary part of the landscape process & our expertise in the area ensures a hassle free process.
We have all types of excavation equipment at hand to provide a quick & productive service.

We provide waste & spoil removal services as well as site safety & barricading. 

Contact us or call us for more details.


We are experienced in handling all aspects of formwork, steel installation and concreting including plain

finish slabs, structural and engineered concrete and all aspects of decorative concrete
 including stencil, stamped and spray finishes.

Contact us or call us for more details.


Urban Creativity’s extensive knowledge in the field of horticulture allows us to provide you with quality plant selection

& planting designs along with installations. Our team will ensure you have the right plants for the right


place & customised to your garden. We also offer all types of turf solutions. Whether its top


dressing & coring to rejuvenate your lawn, complete replacement of older lawns or


installation of new lawns you can be sure that our team will


provide the quality service you require.


Contact us today for a quote, or check out our latest projects.


Don't know what to do with your garden? Does it need more than just maintenance? Have you considered a complete garden makeover?

Urban Creativity can provide professional garden advice and guidance. A modern garden can mean uncluttered beauty

with minimal effort. Clever use of water, lighting, surfaces and planting can give significant impact

and increase the ‘wow’ factor. Social activities can be enjoyed & entertaining and

dining take on a different more relaxed atmosphere.

Contact us or call us for more details.


If you want to change your outside areas do you know where to begin? Urban Creativity are experienced landscape designers and can

advise you on all aspects of landscaping including solutions and ideas to transform your garden. From design to completion

we provide a complete, thorough and professional service. We offer estimates and consultations to design

your landscape. We can change or add to your existing landscaping or do a full landscape overhaul.

Contact us or call us for more details.